About Jannica Johnson


Hi there!

My name is Jannica Johnson, and one of my favorite things to do is connect with people, so your visit here means so much!

I’m on a journey toward uncovering my passions, building profits, and living out my purpose… and I want to help you do the same! Oddly enough (you’ll find out why it’s odd if you read on), I chose a Network Marketing business to put me on a path to a fuller life. Here I’ll bring you my AHA moments, my mindset shifts, and the encouragement and fist-bumps you need to make meaningful change on your journey. Here’s more insight into me and this unlikely pathway…

A Personal Glimpse:

I am currently living and loving life in beautiful Eagle, Idaho after a short stop in Utah and my growing-up years in Kansas.

My amazing parents, both school teachers, set the example for me to love learning, love God, and love people. Jesus got a hold of me in college and He continues to be in charge around here.

I am a wife to the most humble and hilarious guy and momma to 3 totally amazing teenagers. We love Idaho and the beautiful splendor of God’s creation. A few more things I love include Good Earth tea, basketball, pretty skies, pizza, belly laughs, home decor, inspiring quotes, good hugs, chai lattes, musicals, mountain hikes, and praying about everything.

A Professional Journey:

I decided in the 8th grade I wanted to be a CPA. YIKES! Who does that?! Well apparently me. Stick with me here. I got my dream job with a big firm out of college, and began my journey toward climbing the proverbial corporate ladder. I wanted the big office, the big title, and the big paycheck.

Seventy hour work weeks cranking out reports for large companies left me quite unhappy. I held jobs in financial analysis, internal auditing, and eventually tax preparation, but all left me wanting something different in a career.

I just couldn’t see myself enjoying this for twenty more years. Meanwhile our 3 kiddos were becoming busier and more expensive and I didn’t want to miss a thing. I was open to change.
My criteria?

  • Flexible
  • Part-time
  • From home
  • Relational
  • Meaningful
  • Big Income Possibilities
  • Learn and Grow
  • Fun
  • Impact Others for Good

Did I really think I’d find all of this in a career? Ha! Not exactly. Little did I know….

It all started when:

I skeptically began using my company’s products after seeing a friend post on Facebook. I only purchased because I felt desperate to find something that worked.  This trusted friend’s testimony plus a 60 day money back guarantee equaled me feeling like I couldn’t really lose.

After all, I would just return the products when they didn’t work. At least I wouldn’t be wasting money.

Meanwhile my friend gave me some business facts to chew on, and I was instantly intrigued. Needless to say, after some left brain research (yes, I am that girl), I started my business. Fast forward, and at the 6 year mark, my incredible team put me in a paid-for luxury car with an incredible income I earn in very part-time hours. I work from my laptop and cell phone doing something I love.

A new normal:

This new entrepreneurial journey has changed me for the better and I’m GRATEFUL every day.

I now pour into others to show them this different way of earning and living. GRIT is a prerequisite for success.

No, you don’t need to have your stuff together. We’re a group filled with GRACE and it’s come as you are.

I’m ready to help you uncover your passion, build your profits, and fulfill your purpose —  let’s do this!

Jannica Johnson

Cell 208.629.6609

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